When you think about gift-giving, what springs to mind?

Christmas? Birthday? Baby
shower? Wedding? Engagement? Retirement? Gender reveal? Christening?

There are so many wonderful things to celebrate, often these are once in a lifetime moments. At ShredCo we want your special present to reach the intended recipient in the best way possible: wrapped and finished in a unique, unforgettable package.

We started ShredCo because we noticed that the homemade gift-giving trend was lacking one key element: wrapping. Of course you can purchase generic paper, ribbons and gift tags at many high-street retailers... if you're in a hurry. Does this really display the time and effort you put into the item you've chosen for your loved one?

With our 'build your own' section we give you the potential to create multiple colour variations and collections. You don't have to settle for traditional styles. There's no limit to what you can personalise; from the gift box colour and size, internal shredded paper in various exciting colours, even our optional extras like mailing boxes, bows and ribbons.

Talking of shredded paper, did you know that we named our company ShredCo because we own an in-house paper shredding facility? We love this biodegradable, recycled packing accessory so much because it is environmentally friendly, and complies with ***insert certifications/accreditations ***.

Based in Lanacashire, UK, the air miles on our products are much less than other companies, which is great for your carbon footprint and the planet!

Are you a business looking
for large-scale gift wrapping solutions?

ShredCo have got that covered. You can use our dedicated wholesale section to select your colour schemes and collate your chosen packages. With tiered pricing options and a user-friendly layout, our boxes, accessories and shredded paper will be the perfect finishing touch to enhance your brand.

ShredCo – we think outside the box.